Vegan Gaslighting

BY ROGER WATSON While vegans probably produce enough gas to solve the energy crisis, I am not referring to their flatus. The fact is that the vegan tail is beginning to wag the omnivorous dog. This does not have to be the case. The repeated reminders that food or drink are ‘suitable for vegans’ is nothing more or less than a subtle form of gaslighting. … Continue reading Vegan Gaslighting

Vegans are Killing the Planet

BY KRIS FORD Dear Editor, We suffer an ever-growing boom in “Conservationists” and “Ecologists” trying to save the planet and telling us how to do it in modest and extreme ways. Has anyone pointed out to them that their plans are as dumb as rocks? It has been known for hundreds of years that plants and trees need carbon dioxide (C02) to grow and develop. … Continue reading Vegans are Killing the Planet

Outspoken Hamilton Wrong

BY NICK PEARCE The video below is a must watch. It encapsulates the growing feeling across many parts of the countryside that the ‘progressivism’ pushed by the animal rights lobby has reached a dangerous point. The farming community is now being continually undermined and threatened by woke campaigners who, knowingly or unknowingly, are empowering animal rights extremists who can make their lives hell. The realities … Continue reading Outspoken Hamilton Wrong