Serenwyl Unmasked Part I

BY THE EDITOR PART 1 of 3: Harassment on Steroids When Jamie Foster and I conceived of Country Squire Magazine, over a pint or two of Otter Ale in The Holt in Honiton in 2016, we agreed that our publication would avoid ad hominem pieces against members of the public. They were not the done thing. The magazine would be gentlemanly, living up to its … Continue reading Serenwyl Unmasked Part I

Boris, Look Again at Trespass

CSM EDITORIAL We have all trespassed. Whether intentionally or unintentionally we’ve been on land we should not have been on. Perhaps we were exploring an old ruin or retrieving a ball. Maybe our map-reading skills got us lost or we saw a pretty stream we wanted to take a photograph of. Innocent enough? Perhaps trespassing shouldn’t be near the top of Boris’ or George Eustice’s … Continue reading Boris, Look Again at Trespass