The Changing Face of Rural Crime

BY BEN EVERITT The scope of rural crime is changing, but if criminals think that they can hide in the countryside, they’re mistaken. Rural crime is costing around £50 million a year. This includes things like tractor theft (total cost £7.4m), quadbike theft (£2.6m) and livestock theft (£2.5m). Yes. You read that right. Sheep and cattle rustling is a multi-million-pound business nowadays. There have been reports … Continue reading The Changing Face of Rural Crime

Conference Report 2019

BY BEN EVERITT It was a record attendance, so Boris said. He’d bounced in to the South East and London reception on Monday and given a rousing speech to the assembled stalwarts. Defying the petty plotting of Corbyn and Co last week, the Tory conference went ahead. Bouncing Boris toured the receptions, managing to give the same speech with oomph and gusto about a dozen … Continue reading Conference Report 2019


BY BEN EVERITT Tonic water is being stockpiled in Deansgate. Gin, too. And beer, for that matter. The M6 is braced for the rumble of Discoveries as the Tory herd makes its biennial migration to the watering holes of Manchester. Always eventful, the Manchester conference is a bear pit for Tory activists. MPs, staffers, stalwarts and all, must each enter the grand security of the … Continue reading CC2019