East of Suez

BY DANIEL KAWCZYNSKI MP When this Government was elected in December, it had one mission above all: to deliver Brexit and make a reality of ‘Global Britain’. Events have intervened, as they often do, and over the next few years Rishi Sunak will have to find ways of paying back some of the vast sums spent combating Covid-19. But our original mandate remains, and the … Continue reading East of Suez

The Overwhelming Case For BIOT

BY DANIEL KAWCZYNSKI MP Most Britons could not locate the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) on a map. But this far-flung outpost plays an absolutely critical role in our national security. Home to a joint Anglo-American naval facility on Diego Garcia, the peninsula is known as America’s ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’. In the 1960s, the BIOT helped to contain Soviet ambitions in the Indian Ocean. In … Continue reading The Overwhelming Case For BIOT

BIOT is Key

BY DANIEL KAWCZYNSKI MP As Britain prepares to step out of the European Union, our Overseas Territories will play a hugely important role in re-establishing ‘Global Britain’. Nowhere is this contribution more obvious than in the realm of defence. Last year, I joined two fellow MPs on the first-ever official parliamentary visit to the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). On that trip, I saw first-hand … Continue reading BIOT is Key