Labour: Bigot Magnet

BY JAMIE FOSTER The BNP’s last elected official has announced that he is stepping down at the next election in May and will be voting Labour. Brian Parker, from Pendle in Lancashire, is a borough councillor. He has written to the electorate and told them that Jeremy Corbyn is not a warmonger like Mrs May. He says that non interference in other countries is BNP … Continue reading Labour: Bigot Magnet

Goodbye UKIP, Hello BNP?

CSM EDITORIAL As a Tory-supporting magazine, perhaps it is not our place to comment on the leadership contest of another party. Nonetheless, when your friend smells, it is the right thing for a Country Squire to do to offer them a bath, a change of clothes and a quick spray of one’s Penhaligon’s deodorant. Right now, UKIP – the successful force behind Brexit – is … Continue reading Goodbye UKIP, Hello BNP?