BBC, Show Us the Voter Numbers!

BY PAUL T HORGAN There have been three by-elections and the spoils have been shared between the three main English parties, one apiece. What is strange is how the results have been reported. Rather than provide both the number of votes of candidates, and also the percentages, major media organisations, and the BBC in particular, have just been providing percentages: There is no good reason … Continue reading BBC, Show Us the Voter Numbers!

Don’t Panic!

BY STEWART SLATER “To lose one by-election is a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness.” Although widely predicted, there are signs that Conservative MPs, facing the loss of the highest-paid job most of them are “qualified” for, are rolling out their headless chicken impression or, in another avian metaphor, starting to think that by failing to dislodge the Prime Minister in the recent confidence … Continue reading Don’t Panic!