One for the Books

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD Writing in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde spoke of the ‘Oxford manner’. It was all fine and good to come down with a decent class of degree and take your Blue in water polo, but what really mattered to him was whether a graduate who had been ‘granted leave to supplicate’ had an appreciation of the ‘Oxford … Continue reading One for the Books

University Has Changed, Parents

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD Ripples of laughter could be heard from the Senior Common Room where undergraduates dressed in ‘I am a feminist’ hoodies wrestled on the sofas. The LGBTQQIAAP+ dinner had just finished, and the students had retired to the SCR ‘safe-space’ to let off steam and gossip about who they found ‘dangerous’. This was not Oxford. The SCR sherry and newspapers were long … Continue reading University Has Changed, Parents