A Turbulent Priest

BY STEWART SLATER “Politicians want to talk about moral issues and bishops want to talk about politics.” While this was undoubtedly true when uttered by Sir Humphrey Appleby in the 1980’s (Mrs Thatcher being the very model of a moralising politician), the times, they have a’changed. Mr Sunak is no-one’s idea of a fire and brimstone tub-thumper, Mrs Truss, well she wasn’t around for long … Continue reading A Turbulent Priest

Thy Kingdom Come in Face Masks

THE CITY GRUMP A little over a weekend ago I was at that traditional gathering of vintage car racing petrolheads known as the Silverstone Classic. As is also traditional, the weather was dire, with the rain and the wind rolling in across the flat Northamptonshire countryside. Just as I was wondering whether to put on yet another layer of clothing in came a text message … Continue reading Thy Kingdom Come in Face Masks

Decentralise Not Decolonise

BY JAKE SCOTT Anglicans are a dying breed. The 2011 census found that only 15% of Britons considered themselves to be Anglican – nearly half that at the turn of the century. This figure fell even further to 12% in 2018. The 2021 census will almost certainly return an even lower percentage, as young adults increasingly feel that faith has no place in their lives. … Continue reading Decentralise Not Decolonise

The Devil Must be Laughing at the Church of England

THE CITY GRUMP They say the Devil has all the best tunes and verily he has had many such to hum as the Church of England loses its moorings in the seas of the pandemic and wokery. It is a terrifying sight and sound. To begin at the beginning. Way back in the run up to Easter 2020 the Lambeth Palace hierarchy ordered their clergy to … Continue reading The Devil Must be Laughing at the Church of England