‘The Moon is a Balloon’ or is it?

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD Will we ever see the likes of David Niven again? It is a fair question to ask, isn’t it now that the new moralism has become absolutely hegemonic. Not so many years ago, I remember well a luncheon at Cambridge. I had just taken up a Fellowship at one of the more ancient Colleges at a time when the ‘silent cultural … Continue reading ‘The Moon is a Balloon’ or is it?

Scenes from a Revolution

BY ANDREW MOODY Film critic Mark Harris opens his epic Scenes from a Revolution: the Birth of the New Hollywood in 1967, two years before Peter Biskind’s iconic Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Generation Saved Hollywood. Biskind placed New Hollywood’s arrival in 1969, with Dennis Hopper’s smash hit Easy Rider, the Manson Family killings, the chaos of Altamont, … Continue reading Scenes from a Revolution