Upping Dandyism

BY DANIEL JUPP If I had money I’d dress like a Victorian or Edwardian all the time. I’m working class but I like all the style and elegance we lost. I can’t stand modern elites, I eat fast food every week, I think the working class are the only people, largely, maintaining any sanity, but I’d like to go back to everyone dressing for dinner. … Continue reading Upping Dandyism

Have Faith In Ferrero Rocher 

BY JOHN NASH The annual assault on wallet and digestive system has washed over us again accompanied by a stream of TV charity chuggers hoping to shame us into giving them money for every worthy and unworthy cause on Earth. I watched through heavy eyelids as the “last elephant on Earth” tottered repeatedly across the screen, bracketed by those cheerful adverts for happy funerals. It may … Continue reading Have Faith In Ferrero Rocher 

Can the Last Man Restart History?

BY STEWART SLATER In one of those ironies of which history seems so fond, Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man celebrates its thirtieth anniversary just as war in Europe adds to the list of events which seem to invalidate its thesis. Like The Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties, or The Bonfire of the Vanities and the go-go eighties, Fukuyama’s work, … Continue reading Can the Last Man Restart History?

Civilisation Can Go Too Far

BY JOHN NASH Civilisation, as I wrote earlier in the Folly of Animal Rights, is the cave and behaviour with which we humans nurture our kind and reproduce, safe from the deadly competition of nature outside. It has carried us successfully through the hundreds of thousands of years since we were small ape-like creatures in a green and unpleasant world full of large carnivores with huge … Continue reading Civilisation Can Go Too Far