It’s For Our Own Good?

BY NOEL YAXLEY Imagine going into a restaurant for something to eat. You sit down and start to peruse the menu. Only for your order to be denied because your body mass index is too high.  Well that nightmare may soon become reality. This is the news that from January the government will be launching a new digital anti-obesity scheme. The HeadUp app will track … Continue reading It’s For Our Own Good?

What Does it Mean to be Green? 

BY DANIEL JUPP The only time my Dad, a working class but aspirational patriot who through hard work rose to a middle management position, ever voted anything but Conservative, he voted Green. It was only once, I think, during the Major years.  My Dad loved the countryside. He was a South Londoner but moved out to Essex. When he was a young boy, which would … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Green? 

Saving the Planet One Mask at a Time

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH Nothing has brought out the worst piousness and virtue signalling in certain sections of society like Covid. These latter-day self-styled saints have shown their do-goodery by wearing their sacrifice like a hair shirt, wilfully oblivious to the collateral damages of Covid restrictions, lockdowns and shifting human behavioural patterns. As COP26 gathers together to decide for civilisation how society will change, the huge … Continue reading Saving the Planet One Mask at a Time