Terrain Theory ‘Terrorists’

BY ROGER WATSON Nonsense has a new name, and it is ‘terrain theory’. Never heard of it? Read on and you will not be able to say that again. Terrain theory is aptly described by Wikipedia as an ‘obsolete variation’ of ‘germ theory denialism’. Obsolete it may be, but it has not expired. To understand what germ theory denialism is, you need to understand what … Continue reading Terrain Theory ‘Terrorists’

Folly for Lolly

BY QUENTIN PIGG I can’t help but notice these days that some so-called freedom warriors aren’t so free minded themselves. There’s a strain of libertarianism that has strayed into slavish group-think: purity tests, routine denouncements and sensationalised exaggerations. Who are these people fooling, apart from the fools who fund their fledgling Patreon accounts? So ineffably idiotic have some Covid measures been that anyone wishing to … Continue reading Folly for Lolly

Few Search for Truth

BY QUENTIN PIGG ‘The virus is bringing out the best of us’, proclaimed an anti-Brexit campaign group. Well, yes, in so much as UV light brings out the best of a befouled mattress. And what sordid stains Covid has illuminated in our society: misanthropy, hypocrisy, adultery and a spike in domestic violence – not since Chantelle won Celebrity Big Brother has credulity been so widely … Continue reading Few Search for Truth