The CSM Weight Loss Challenge 2022

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE I have long suspected that New Year’s resolutions are merely a means to distract people from their otherwise dull and insipid lives. So, it came as no surprise when my Editor, Dom Wightman, told me he intended to make one himself. Finding these resolutions about as stimulating as a Coleen Nolan tabloid ‘tell-all’, I soon lost interest in the conversation and replied … Continue reading The CSM Weight Loss Challenge 2022

Fine Wines, Meats & Cornucopia

BY ALEX STORY Each generation has its own challenges. That is reflected in the phrases we use. For instance, going “over the top” meant different things to our forefathers than it does to us. For many today, it means an extra helping of chips followed by another three extra scoops of ice-cream, all washed down with some claret. Having “gone over the top” a great … Continue reading Fine Wines, Meats & Cornucopia

Decolonise Your Diet!

BY JIM WEBSTER Every so often you realise you’ve missed a trick! I was chatting to another church warden and she commented that she cannot wait for somebody to demand her church be decolonised. She’d point out that the parish isn’t worthy and she could gift the church building to those protesting. Then the church itself could meet in the local community centre where it’s … Continue reading Decolonise Your Diet!