Demonising Douglas

BY SAM WHITE If you say there’s a problem with de facto blasphemy policing around Islam, in which open criticism of this one particular religion is—to understate enormously—frowned upon, you might be chastised by left-wingers, who will inform you dismissively that no such problem exists. But there’s a characteristic shared by all of these people who insist there’s no issue around criticism of Islam: none … Continue reading Demonising Douglas

Tom Gallagher’s England Possessed

Tom Gallagher was an academic for over thirty years, specialising on conflicts of nationalism and ways of reducing their velocity. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Bradford. He lives in Edinburgh and has written 14 single-authored books. Among the most recent was ‘Scotland Now: A Warning to the World (2015). Here Country Squire Magazine’s Dominic Wightman interviews Tom about his … Continue reading Tom Gallagher’s England Possessed