For the Love of Creatures

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Last week I was driving down a steep hill on the motorway when something white on the lane inside caught my eye. At first it looked like a torn white plastic bag – the kind one gets from a kebab house or chippie. Then, as I got closer, I saw some cars in front swerving to avoid it. The true misery of … Continue reading For the Love of Creatures


BY EFFIE DEANS There are essentially three positions on the lock-down: 1. We should get out sooner (Hawks). 2. We should get out later (Doves). 3. There should not be a lock down at all (Enzas). Which is correct? We just don’t know. The correct decision depends on knowing how many people have been infected with Covid 19 around the world and what percentage have … Continue reading Enza?