Slippery Slopes

BY PAUL NEWALL Some years ago, when the Blair government was trying to create an ID card system, I had a role that touched on alcohol sales. An ID system could – on the face of it – be used to remove most doubts about the legality of alcohol sales (only the buyer’s sobriety was left to be judged by the vendor) so it could … Continue reading Slippery Slopes

Dystopia Derangement Syndrome

BY GARY MCGHEE There is currently an unfortunate malady afflicting British Left-Wing group-thinkers (I use the word ’think’ advisedly.) It runs thus: The Tories won a thumping majority at the General Election because the majority of We ordinary Brits are brainwashed by a right-wing media and are increasingly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, hate Europe, are nationalistic and fascistic and prone to the overt influence of … Continue reading Dystopia Derangement Syndrome