Let them Eat Cake

BY DAVID EYLES After the referendum and the General Election which followed it, both of the main parties stated categorically that they would uphold and enact the results of that referendum. In case readers should need reminding, this was to leave the European Union. It was not to play about on the edges, being halfway in or out; it was not to have another little … Continue reading Let them Eat Cake

Conservatives are Fools?

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Red-pilling Corbynites is not that complex a sport – far fewer parameters than fly-fishing and certainly less taxing than golf. Just sidestep those lost cultist zombies who require professional deradicalisation by Prevent (or, my preferred therapy, a few months in one of Chavez’ socialist barrios in Caracas, from which they will emerge, I assure you, Friedmanite). Best hone in on targets with grey … Continue reading Conservatives are Fools?

The Dinner Party

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I attended a dinner in London last week dominated in numbers by socialists, who dismissed my (small c) conservatism as evil. Whilst switching between Brexit, Trump, the Income Divide, Bankers and Eton as their arsenals of ire, they explained that they were unquestionably the genuine do-gooders in British politics and that the world was in such an awful mess right now because of conservatives like me. These … Continue reading The Dinner Party