The Glory that was Britain

BY STEWART SLATER The two most frequent events in public life are Keir Starmer U-turning on one of his “core” beliefs, and the chattering classes frothing over Britain’s imperial legacy. And here we are again. The former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, last week opined that Australia’s colonisation by Britain was the “luckiest thing” ever to happen to the country, and the outrage train has … Continue reading The Glory that was Britain

British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

BY NOEL YAXLEY Should Britain pay reparations for slavery? In recent years this question has come to dominate political discourse and help propel the racial justice movement into the mainstream. During the recent Royal Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton were filmed enjoying local cuisine and engaging in a spot of Caribbean culture. But in what was a carefully managed PR campaign, we saw … Continue reading British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead