The RSPB Works in Mysterious Ways

BY BERT BURNETT Loch Lomond was once a stronghold for capercaillie but thanks to RSPB type management where nature takes its own course the capercaillie is now gone forever. It has been suggested for years that the way to bring back capercaillie is to rear and release but RSPB have effectively blocked any attempts for this to happen. They encourage releases with so many other … Continue reading The RSPB Works in Mysterious Ways

A Scottish Gamekeeper Speaks Out

BY BERT BURNETT On Thursday STV were too quick to highlight that Scotland’s wildlife population is in a state of consistent decline, referencing a new report. 70 wildlife groups joined forces with Scottish government agencies for the first time, to analyse data about nearly 6500 species across land and sea for the latest ‘State of Nature’ report. It found that in the five decades since … Continue reading A Scottish Gamekeeper Speaks Out