A Country? A Woman? The SNP Weaponizes Subjectivity

BY EFFIE DEANS When the majority of Scottish voters chose devolution, they did not choose Scottish independence. If there had been a vote for Scottish independence at that time Scottish nationalists would have struggled to get 30%. It was therefore clear to everyone at the time that Holyrood was subordinate to Westminster. Of course there was a lot of nonsense at the time about restoring … Continue reading A Country? A Woman? The SNP Weaponizes Subjectivity

Gender Recognition Stooshie

BY IAN MITCHELL Readers wondering in amazement that Nicola Sturgeon has again put forward a measure which she must have known was going to be knocked back by the United Kingdom government need to understand her background and political personality. Her tactics with the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which was vetoed on Monday night by the British government, have caused surprise. To me, as … Continue reading Gender Recognition Stooshie