An Inconvenient Truth

After our daughter of fifteen years of age was moved to tears by the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN the other day, she became angry with our generation ‘who had been doing nothing for thirty years’. So, we decided to help her prevent what the girl on TV announced of ‘massive eradication and the disappearance of entire ecosystems’. We are now committed to … Continue reading An Inconvenient Truth

What Does it Mean to be Green? 

BY DANIEL JUPP The only time my Dad, a working class but aspirational patriot who through hard work rose to a middle management position, ever voted anything but Conservative, he voted Green. It was only once, I think, during the Major years.  My Dad loved the countryside. He was a South Londoner but moved out to Essex. When he was a young boy, which would … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Green?