Who Is John Nash?

BY EDDIE ROBERTS “When I was born, the angels rained tiny bells upon the roof – they were actually shell cases falling from the guns of WW2 fighters in the Kent skies high above.  After the war, my family moved from the devastation of Gravesend on the Thames to the relatively untouched peace of West Cornwall.” The Cartoonist John Nash is one sharp cookie. (Not to be confused with his … Continue reading Who Is John Nash?

Toil & Trouble

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It was one of the odder calls I have received: A colleague telephoned, “Dom there’s a witch from Wales after you”.  “I thought Ruth Tingay was based in Scotland?” I replied, confused. “No, this is another one. An actual black witch animal rights loon! You know, as in evil black. Black Witch of Salem! The Witches of Macbeth! She runs a business … Continue reading Toil & Trouble