I am a Furry

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE When my Editor suggested I try some undercover work, I had Andy Ngo in mind, or more to the point, his recent bestseller. If Ngo could make a career out of those who elude one (the ANTIFA vagrants of Portland) then why couldn’t I? Lord knows Britain has its own fair share of far-left activists who would readily beat people to a … Continue reading I am a Furry

Corny Cob’s Puny Denials

BY JAMIE FOSTER Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction to press allegations that he may have passed information to a Czech spy in the 1980s comes straight out of the Donald Trump playbook but may be reminiscent of even more totalitarian characters. The press have made a point of allegations that Corbyn met with a Czech spy at the House of Commons. The former spy alleges that Corbyn … Continue reading Corny Cob’s Puny Denials