The Cameron Intake Errors

BY ALEXIA JAMES Remoaners like Philip Hammond and Nicky Morgan still don’t get it. The country voted to leave the EU – that does not make the 17.4 Million’s true representatives in the House of Commons, personified by the ERG, “extremists” as Hammond called them, nor does it make them “likely to leave the Conservative Party” as Morgan has suggested. Hammond now knows he is … Continue reading The Cameron Intake Errors

Tice & Bailey NOT Greening

BY JOHN ISMAEL Richard Tice filling his application to run for Mayor of London was the best thing London has seen since the pre-Khan days. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Perhaps now there is some hope amongst Londoners that a serious individual with experience of actually getting things done can replace the awful Sadiq Khan in … Continue reading Tice & Bailey NOT Greening