Smartphone Addiction Not So Smart

BY JACK WATSON A UN report has suggested smartphones should be banned in schools across the world to protect the mental health of children, to improve learning and to eradicate any distractions in the classroom. This report comes after the agency wrote that less than one in four nations across the world have banned smartphones in schools.   I am still at school and the … Continue reading Smartphone Addiction Not So Smart

The Katherine Birbalsingh Interview

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Any school which The Guardian describes as “controversial” is probably worth looking into, even more so when you discover that the school’s GCSE results are four times higher than the national average.  The fact that this school espouses traditional small-c conservative values, such as personal responsibility, often sends lefties into a whirlwind of furious twitter diatribes, leaving them walleyed and writhing in … Continue reading The Katherine Birbalsingh Interview