Torn Heart’s Desire

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Green grass touching sand clouds pouring towards the shoreline; the abstract way seagulls hang against the waves and compliment the sun. Hair spilling down her bare back as she watches the frame photograph it’s colours into a monochrome memory of days fragranced with lilac in Eliot’s cruelest month. Her heart torn and hanging while the waves crash and the seabirds sing the … Continue reading Torn Heart’s Desire

Spring Resurrection

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY Softly shifting skies, clouds masking the solitude of the setting sun flowing effortlessly in a pastel dream. Shadows of leaves drifting slowly down the lane, weary trees brushing the cobblestones with darkened light. Night falls slowly. Creatures of the night beginning to stir, the dusk, their dawn as the awakening stars whisper softly to them the moon rising gracefully. The sound of … Continue reading Spring Resurrection