Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

BY MAHIMA SHARMA At the stroke of the midnight hour, O Woman, awake, arise and raise the bar, Unchain yourself, set yourself free, O Woman! Don’t Try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.   No one but you, holds yourself in captivity, No one but only you, can open up to Life’s beauty. Responsibilities beckon you…I agree, But make yourself too…a priority.   … Continue reading Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

BY MAHIMA SHARMA   ‘Swift and sloshing over the rocks, River of Life flows like a song. Some will see…only the hurdles, But other few…just sing along.   Smiling through the battles, It is nothing a cost in giving. Laughing through the sorrows, Making each day worth living.   Clouds are dark, sound scary & deep? No. Stars await, beyond my leap. Storm, lightening or … Continue reading The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

Torn Heart’s Desire

BY LIZ GALE Green grass touching sand clouds pouring towards the shoreline; the abstract way seagulls hang against the waves and compliment the sun. Hair spilling down her bare back as she watches the frame photograph it’s colours into a monochrome memory of days fragranced with lilac in Eliot’s cruelest month. Her heart torn and hanging while the waves crash and the seabirds sing the … Continue reading Torn Heart’s Desire