Why a Pollution Vacation?

BY MAHIMA SHARMA   Oh Mom…why is the school shut? I want to go and meet my friends. Oh Mom…why is the school shut? We had a fancy dress today.   Darling daughter, understand the situation, Your school is closed down owing to heavy pollution! But Mom, I don’t want a ‘Pollution Vacation’ Look X-mas is coming, time for shopping & celebration?   No Little … Continue reading Why a Pollution Vacation?

Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!

BY MAHIMA SHARMA Ladies, Stop Being Sorry.. For these Simple Things! Ladies, Stop Being Sorry… For breaking away few Strings!   I am here penning a note to myself, Which may come handy to even yourself, One bright day I asked myself… “Are you sorry for who you are?” Post introspection I told myself… “You are just being Sorry for simply being who you are!” … Continue reading Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!


BY RUCHIRA GHOSH Just a tiny little world So replete with meaning Everyone desires peace Men, women, children Birds & animals seek peace In their own little ways There is peace in humming of bees Murmuring of brooks, rivulets Snowy clouds in the azure sky Usher in a sense of peace A walk through a forest glade Midst profuse greenery & foliage Evokes serenity and … Continue reading Peace


BY RUCHIRA GHOSH Since the dawn of civilisation, Mankind has sought Happiness. Happiness in daily life, Happiness in body, mind and heart; Humans relentlessly seek happiness. Sadly it eludes their grasp, So they wander around in vain, Seeking happiness in all directions. Happiness is a state of mind, How varied  people’s  minds can be ! Fair Sex craves for jewels, apparels, Silks. satin, other elegant … Continue reading Happiness