Too Modern To Handle?

BY MAHIMA SHARMA I am often tagged as ‘too modern to handle’ Because respect and dignity comes above the love handle! I am often tagged as ‘too modern to handle’ Because ‘self-belief’ is my only candle!   Free opinion and an in-your-face person, Perhaps means ‘good relations’ will always worsen! But my head, was never designed to nod, It has a brain…a mind perhaps too … Continue reading Too Modern To Handle?

The Mirror is Watching

BY MAHIMA SHARMA The mirror hangs stoic on my wall, With unbiased eyes…silently absorbing all, Never storing anything… Even from the present moment, Never storing images… Even from the recent-most past.   My mirror, my reflection… Only shows me my present. Revealing a brutal, honest truth… That I am holding onto my past. But to be able to fly, Mirror tells me to turn around, … Continue reading The Mirror is Watching