Life’s Oriental White Eye


Can I be ever that Bird…
Rising up early, to welcome the dawning Sun?
Will I ever be that Bird…
Cheering up the Rising Glow at the Horizon?

Can I be that early morning song,
And make my mornings sing along…
Without the religion-based gong?
Those timeless songs of morning…
That echo in my heart,
Can these ever be chirped by me…
For a lively day’s start?

The ‘Oriental White Eye’…is such a beauty,
Pecking away berries, for chicks….is its duty,
Bound yet detached, each season from new babies…
Can my soul ever be that free?
Letting expectations go…is perhaps the key?

That nectar ‘Humming Bird’ feeds upon,
I’m sure is sweeter than money,
That flight back-and-forth is happier,
I know with her Bee friend to accompany.
Oh Lord…I so much miss my wings,
That are perhaps glued to greed for materialistic things?

Look, the ‘Siberian Cranes’ arrive!
Long distances, yet no worry…
Each year for new lands they strive.
Never worried…how treacherous will be the flight,
A master of their Life…and destiny they write,
Can I be ever that bird…
With the soft yet mighty White Quill?
Or am I afraid to challenge the Life…still?

Oh…I wish to be that bird,
That embraces the winds with courage!
Oh…I wish to be that bird,
That tames the mighty Nature with its soft Plumage!

My nephew sets off a ‘Parrot’ from the cage
I take pride…he’s better than a self-proclaimed sage.
But then can he set me free as well?
Oh I wish to be that bird…
That just flew off that cage.

Or is the cage just in my mind?
Or is it the past…that I wish to leave behind?
I see the ‘Kingfisher’ flying to the nest,
An ‘Owl’ is just out on the prowl,
Amid all this…I can hear my own thoughts growl.
Am I really caged?
Or have I self-caged myself?

As the Sun sets amid beautiful hues,
My Heart is rising…having discovered Life’s cues,
It pounds with great joy…
Realising I am already ‘The Bird’…
That I always wanted to be!
Just that I had to leave the ground beneath,
And fly out to sing…realising I have wings!
The ‘Heron’ in me takes the flight…
To discover Life’s shining bead,
With mighty invisible wings…that I’ve just freed!

But what about you?
Still waiting to be ‘that Bird’?
Break open the mental chains,
Dare to walk away from the herd,
Birds of a feather might flock together,
But only ‘Eagle’ always defies bad weather!

Its so much fun to Fly ,
So let’s Rise & claim our share of Sky,
Unafraid of ruffian hunters…
Rise up…Come, let’s give it a try!!

Main Photo Courtesy: Photographer and Poet, Syed Mohammad Qasim
Copyright: Mahima Sharma 

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters).