The Mirror is Watching


The mirror hangs stoic on my wall,

With unbiased eyes…silently absorbing all,

Never storing anything…

Even from the present moment,

Never storing images…

Even from the recent-most past.


My mirror, my reflection…

Only shows me my present.

Revealing a brutal, honest truth…

That I am holding onto my past.

But to be able to fly,

Mirror tells me to turn around,

To be able to fly,

I need to leave the ground!


My mirror…

Tells me the truth,

That my photos will never tell

It reveals me myself…

In my mind ringing aloud a bell.


I have grown older…shows me my mirror,

I have grown bolder…shows me my mirror.

But have I grown wise?


Thank you O Mirror,

For showing me the path…

Without you, I perhaps could not have taken.

Thank you O Mirror,

For showing me the light,

Otherwise I would surely have mistaken!

Every wrinkle I see in the mirror has a silent tale,

But I take pride….since my eyes can meet the Mirror,

The Mirror that has been my best guide,

In all the 37 Springs….in whom I take pride!

Copyright: Mahima Sharma 

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters). 

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