Mum, You’re My Santa


Mum what are you doing?
Painting the pot darling.
Mum what are you doing?
Painting your future darling!
Mum what is ‘Future’?
Listen O my son, I explain it today…
Your future is something bright,
Similar to these colours in my brush,
Something as steady as my strokes,
Despite the worries that make my brain rush.
Your future is something that will bestow you…
With all the comforts I’ve never seen,
Your future is a brightest spark…
That I often see in my dreams,
Visualising you at those heights…
Where I have never been.
Your future is my guidance,
Keeping you away from where I fell,
Your future is my effort….
That will grow into a money tree,
It will help you rise higher…
After you break-free!
Your future is in my eyes,
That dream day and night,
Your future is my zeal,
To paint your destiny…bright.
Through my strong will…
I will bring down the sky for you,
And make the heaven pour…
To destine you a future,
That even God takes pride in…for sure.
Your future is in my hands today,
And I have to paint it better…
With each passing day!
Mum if that’s my future in your hands
Let me hold the brush…
To strike some colourful strands! 
No dear son, your hands are born to hold the Quill,
For that’s what your future is…
To be penned with intelligence & strong will.
Your future doesn’t belong here…
Amid these colours around me,
Your flight is about to begin
The Rainbow over Horizon awaits Thee!
MUM, now I know who you are,
I know why you wear hues of Red…
Because Mum, YOU ARE MY SANTA!
Thus, Mum even though I may be naive,
To express my love for you today,
But I will make ‘our future’ bright,
A future where colours throw-open…that Rainbow even for YOU!
(Author’s Request: If this poem struck an emotional chord, do share it with your Mum/ ask your friends too…because each Mother is the REAL SANTA without a red robe! Merry X-mas!!)
Copyright: Mahima Sharma 

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters).