Rise and Shine


The Sun is bidding adieu,

Gliding and hiding in the clouds of dew,

Paving way for a crimson evening,

Whispering a message for the Moon…

“I pave the way for you my Friend,

Go Rise & Shine O Moon!

However dark may be the night,

Go spread your light,

Go shine bright!”


The Moon wakes up with a yawn,

Spreading Moon-dust over the horizon,

Sprinkling silver into the dark,

Sending its light through the leaves,

Brightening up the Earth, once again,

Slowly dispelling the darkness,

Making way up to the grand stage called Night,

As if winking back to his day buddy, saying…

“Thanks Brother, Good Night…It’s Showtime!”


Isn’t this what Life is about?

A Showtime…and we all actors on a stage?

Isn’t this what Life is about?

A learning from Moon and his brother Sun,

Encouraging each other to Rise and Shine…

However dark it may be!

So set your soul free,

And feel the Nature’s camaraderie,

Go Rise and Shine!

Copyright: Mahima Sharma 

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters). 

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