Rhythm of Life


The creator of the world,

Lord, God , Almighty, innumerable names;

Is the greatest musician of all.

Behold the harmony in the Universe,

Not one discordant note, all steps matched.

The magnificent sun rises punctually at dawn,

At day’s end sets over the western horizon.

Earth’s rotation and revolution accomplished,

Day in and day out…in perfect symmetry.

Tiny buds unfurl, blossom and wilt,

Seeds create a gigantic tree, and luscious fruit.

Mighty breakers hurtle upon sandy shores,

Retreating moments later.

Likewise in human life, occurrences,

Are synchronized with the universe;

Birth, youth, decay and finally ….Death!

Many moons ago, I witnessed

This eternal symphony with my own eyes.

In a derelict home, in a Kolkata lane,

An octogenarian father, on his sickbed’

Shocked, silenced by a tragic news;

His son who dwelt in faraway lands;

In quest of fortunes… was  no more.

The air hung heavy with gloom.

But, all was not lost…

A new dawn brought glad tidings,

Thousands of miles away in Japan,

A new life was throbbing, pulsating.

The aged man’s young daughter,

Had shown her little cherub;

The light of the big wide world.

Time passes, pages of Life’s great book,

Turn, old familiar faces erased;

And new ones ushered in…