The Dark Corner



Smothered, hidden, cobweb-bound,

cached facets twitch yet gather dust.

No casement dare transparent show

the fury, dread and craven lust.


There in the dark, restrained, they twitch …

and sob and spark and never die.

Deep in seams of psyche hid,

caged, not dormant. Wild, they lie.


Pupae-like they squirm and strain,

mutating, breakout ever near.

Unpredicted, crouched to pounce,

where lost control leaks cause for fear.


The adroit masking of a face,

a voice or eyes will bare disclose

where threshes primal turmoil deep,

bound by convention’s knots and bows.


Comportment-safe foregather we,

as rules of conduct bind us close.

When bindings burst, with strong affect,

the mask may fall … then heaven knows.

Copyright Mac Logan


Mac Logan is a Scottish Poet & Author.