Batten’s UKIP Flatlining

BY JOHN ISMAEL When MEP Gerard Batten became UKIP Leader in February 2018 there was widespread renewed belief among the party faithful. An experienced and safe pair of hands had been chosen, after the disasters of the unbelievable Paul Nuttall and Henry Hard-on Bolton. A financial catastrophe was soon averted by Batten and his sound team of Chairman Tony McIntyre and Treasurer Sebastian Fairweather. Soon … Continue reading Batten’s UKIP Flatlining

The Peculiar “Far-Right” Smear

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It’s funny how everyone exhibiting political soundness has suddenly become “far right”. Apparently, more than half the country are now “far right”, racist, hard Brexiteers. Those, for example, who express support for the populist Italian Government’s logical stance on immigration are supporting a “far right” regime. Meanwhile even the term populist is being redefined as fascist, racist and “far right”, which makes … Continue reading The Peculiar “Far-Right” Smear