Adopting a Charitable Attitude

BY JIM WEBSTER A growing number of people in the charity sector have been complaining about banks. I’m not talking about banks ‘unbanking’ people they disapprove of. Although why usurers, whose profession is frowned upon by all the world’s major religions, have suddenly become the guardians of decency, is beyond me. I’m more talking about the problems charities have had getting any sort of service … Continue reading Adopting a Charitable Attitude

Finn’s Law & Police Dogs

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS Working dogs have been a part of the English countryside for longer than England itself has existed. The less said about the old Celtic battle dogs the better, but herding dogs and hunting dogs are familiar figures as they trot across the English countryside with their humans. Indeed, many of our most popular pet breeds were originally bred for rural work. Leaving … Continue reading Finn’s Law & Police Dogs