A Paean to Eve

BY RUCHIRA GHOSH God’s most wonderful creation, Enigmatic, inscrutable, blend of light and shade. Thy world holds you in awe, Woman who art thou? Thy life is replete with escapades God fashioned you out of Adam’s ribs; While he lay in deep slumber, In the primeval Garden of Eden. You were to be his companion, friend, Vile woman, you disobeyed your Father, Satan lured you … Continue reading A Paean to Eve

The Silver Lining

BY MAHIMA SHARMA When it is dark and future bleak, We forget to see the silver streak, The darkest cloud gives the heaviest rain, When flowers bloom, swiping off disdain. So…embrace darkness without an easy forego, Give it a parting hug before you let it go, Enjoy the eclipse and its short string, Coz only clashed paths form the ‘Diamond Ring’ Only when low…we learn … Continue reading The Silver Lining

Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

BY MAHIMA SHARMA At the stroke of the midnight hour, O Woman, awake, arise and raise the bar, Unchain yourself, set yourself free, O Woman! Don’t Try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.   No one but you, holds yourself in captivity, No one but only you, can open up to Life’s beauty. Responsibilities beckon you…I agree, But make yourself too…a priority.   … Continue reading Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

Shining Light

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY They came in the night to our cities, our towns, they crossed through the countryside like warriors with shovels and crossbows. Chopping, shooting, digging at the roots of our foundation unable to accept reason or a peaceful resolution of conclusion, even though it was the majorities decision. (Forgive them don’t understand the light the truth, it burns) They bite the hand that … Continue reading Shining Light