The Cradle

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The cradle used in cricket to train us to catch in the slips was somewhat useful. When, at speed, a cricket ball was fired into it, you had to be on your toes in case you needed to adjust your body position to meet unusual catching angles. You had to be alert for those ‘uncatchable’ balls which sometimes curved high or low, … Continue reading The Cradle


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN One of the great pleasures during the Great Lockdown of 2020 has been cycling to collect eggs. Such is the nature of lockdown that certain acts that were previously deemed something of a bind are now considered adventures to be relished. The hunter-gatherer attribute has been heightened by this era of pandemic and has brought a certain pride and dignity, especially to … Continue reading Sunnyside

First Principles

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN “Where are there flying cars, Daddy?” “Flying cars are everywhere. We call them planes.” “Ha! Planes are not cars, Daddy. I’m not gullible!” People are so focused on form (in this instance a flying object that looks like a car) that they overlook the function (conveyance by flight). Original visions of inventions or ideas set boundaries because in part we can see … Continue reading First Principles