The Real Fake News Altering Our Laws

BY NIGEL BEAN Newspapers breathed a sigh of relief after the fake news announcement suggesting the biggest problem to UK democracy is those damn Russians and their manipulation of social media outlets. Well no it’s not. The biggest problem for UK democracy is the acquisition of local newspaper titles by Newsquest and the left-wing Trinity Mirror group. Ever since a survey in 2013 found people … Continue reading The Real Fake News Altering Our Laws

A Midwinter Moment

BY JAMIE FOSTER I must apologise to the loyal readership of Country Squire Magazine for my recent inclement humour and brief period of absence. I came recently and unexpectedly upon a grief that I had not anticipated reacquainting myself with; and a sudden loneliness that I shall not trouble you to bear. Suffice it to say I am indebted to my friends for their indulgence. … Continue reading A Midwinter Moment