Dear Ruth, RIP

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Though it’s not customary to receive the bin man with celebration, in the early hours of Sunday 16th February it was not a customary position that I would find myself in. For amongst the empty packets of quail eggs, gooseberry yogurt pots and other banalities of general waste, lay the ashes of my dead neighbour. She’d been in there for at least … Continue reading Dear Ruth, RIP

Labour’s Property Thieves

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Raise the drawbridge, the Commies are coming for your Castle. Unlike France, Germany and Switzerland, Britain is a nation of homeowners. One may even say home-owning has become a part of British culture – that is, if we are still permitted to hold any semblance of culture which extends beyond the ubiquitous duty of ‘tolerance’. If tolerance is to be all that’s … Continue reading Labour’s Property Thieves