The Polarising Issue of Trophy Hunting

BY ED STODDARD Hunting, especially trophy hunting, is a thorny issue that has taken centre stage in countries such as the UK in the wake of the slaying of a Zimbabwean lion named Cecil in 2015. A recent book takes an objective look at the topic and reaches conclusions that both hunters and animal welfare activists will find discomfiting. Trophy Hunting by Nikolaj Bichel and Adam … Continue reading The Polarising Issue of Trophy Hunting

Countryside Landscape Vandals

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Twenty years ago a restless youth spent an idyllic spring and summer working throughout Western Brittany. Last week, after far too long a delay, I finally managed to return for an all too brief seven days to what, for me, is the loveliest region in France. It’s clear some things haven’t changed during the last two decades. The warmth of the Breton … Continue reading Countryside Landscape Vandals

Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

BY JIM BROWNE I have always wondered if sightings of Big Cats in the countryside were real or the result of excitable folk in need of an optician’s appointment mistaking house-moggies for tigers and leopards. I mean, it’s easy enough to make mistakes. On a foggy day, our neighbour in her furry white coat looks like a polar bear. At night, I often mistake the … Continue reading Countryside Big Cats – Fact or Fiction?

“Ice Age” is Here

BY ALEXIA JAMES Fighting Global Warming tends to be government policy in most nations these days. We are told to recycle as much as we possibly can and save energy to limit our carbon emissions which are fatally destroying the ozone layer and the future of the planet. Billions are spent globally fighting climate change. There are numerous think tanks, scientific research centres and whole … Continue reading “Ice Age” is Here