Working Class Liaison Officer

BY BEN PENSANT As both a northerner and a former student I know what it’s like to be the smartest person in the room and the only one to have been locked in the shed on his sixth birthday. While the first scenario would occur every time I returned home and listened to my Woodpecker-addled family’s inane chit-chat about buses, the latter memory would often … Continue reading Working Class Liaison Officer

No Student Voting – For Their Own Safety

BY SAM WHITE In September 2015, student union officials at the University of East Anglia prohibited the handing out of sombreros at a fresher’s fair, on the grounds that the headwear comprised “discriminatory or stereotypical imagery”. In April of this year, a survey found that two thirds of British students support the ‘no-platforming’ of speakers. This means denying controversial people the right to participate in … Continue reading No Student Voting – For Their Own Safety