2024: A Socialist Odyssey, Part I

BY PAUL T HORGAN Twenty twenty-four is election year in the USA, when American voters may realise that the two major parties will present two very poor candidates, one who is obviously combating mentally-debilitating senility, and the other who is combatting criminal prosecutions, only some of which are politically-motivated. Away from the USA, it is also the centenary year for two major events of socialist … Continue reading 2024: A Socialist Odyssey, Part I

The Katherine Birbalsingh Interview

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Any school which The Guardian describes as “controversial” is probably worth looking into, even more so when you discover that the school’s GCSE results are four times higher than the national average.  The fact that this school espouses traditional small-c conservative values, such as personal responsibility, often sends lefties into a whirlwind of furious twitter diatribes, leaving them walleyed and writhing in … Continue reading The Katherine Birbalsingh Interview