A Video To Help Blind Corbynites See

CSM EDITORIAL This is a video which should be spread far and wide. In it the Great Thomas Sowell explains how he moved on from the quick fix addiction of Marxism. It’s only a short video so even those really busy student followers of Mr Corbyn will have time to watch this. Even better – it’s free to view and only lasts four minutes. Do … Continue reading A Video To Help Blind Corbynites See

The “Do-Gooders” are the True Psychos

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Nazism is leftist, big-state politics – something that should never be placed on the right-hand side of a single-left-right-axis linear political spectrum. The clue comes in its German origin: Nationalsozialismus. Just because Nazism countered left-wing communism from the get-go of its original, twentieth-century Munich manifestations hardly warrants it a place alongside small-state, individualistic libertarianism. Yet the Left, by screaming loudly, disowns Nazism by branding it right-wing; … Continue reading The “Do-Gooders” are the True Psychos

The Dinner Party

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I attended a dinner in London last week dominated in numbers by socialists, who dismissed my (small c) conservatism as evil. Whilst switching between Brexit, Trump, the Income Divide, Bankers and Eton as their arsenals of ire, they explained that they were unquestionably the genuine do-gooders in British politics and that the world was in such an awful mess right now because of conservatives like me. These … Continue reading The Dinner Party