The Slow Death of Fair Play

BY INFAMOUST If one chooses to look through the annals of sport – and team sport in particular – it isn’t hard to see the influence that the United Kingdom has had right across the entire world. It appears to be something in which we excel – the creation of sports that is – even if not very often in the playing of sports we, … Continue reading The Slow Death of Fair Play

Punches, Pronouns & Power

BY SAM WHITE The world of transgender activism is disorientating. Stare into it for too long, and it won’t just stare back, it’ll call you a TERF and punch you in the face. In the warped hinterlands of post-logic social justice, the ground slips easily from beneath your feet. There’s no reason or consistency, and no truth to which you can anchor. Draped over the … Continue reading Punches, Pronouns & Power