Silencing the Piper

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I normally get a short back and sides from the Turkish barbers. They are a sociable bunch, good value and their treacly coffee ensures you depart on a high – even if you’re an eyebrow short. However, this week I gave a local salon a crack at cutting my hair as I happened to be passing and there was no queue. The … Continue reading Silencing the Piper

Labour’s Youth Blind Spot

BY JOHN ISMAEL The navel-gazing at the Tory Conference this week has been somewhat disheartening. Much of this stems, of course, from the result of the General Election in June and the woman responsible for that disaster still being at the helm of the party and Government. There has also been a sense of panic in some quarters about the worst opposition Britain has ever … Continue reading Labour’s Youth Blind Spot