Labour’s Youth Blind Spot


The navel-gazing at the Tory Conference this week has been somewhat disheartening. Much of this stems, of course, from the result of the General Election in June and the woman responsible for that disaster still being at the helm of the party and Government. There has also been a sense of panic in some quarters about the worst opposition Britain has ever seen possibly taking power sometime soon, despite the DUP-Tory coalition set to last until 2022 and peak Corbyn having seemingly already passed.

Chins up, Tories.

It’s easy in a cliquish Twitter world to be mistaken.

Hordes of Corbynites on social media are actually dozens of spotty youths with multiple ID’s who spend half their time searching Amazon for the next sulphur soap in between trips to Pornhub. Or vile trolls like Jon Cousins from Swindon who rely on crowdfunding sob stories for sustenance and hide behind cartoon images of little girls and their wife’s name to smear Tories with bile…

rachel 2

rachel swindon

Corbyn’s bully boys tend to be old Trotskyites – those of the last hurrah – who never thought they’d get near Government again after Tony Benn was Kinnocked. As for their daft, younger converts – the Momentum crowd love to jabber about street violence but would last a matter of seconds in a free-for-all against the English women’s rugby team.

Then there’s the unpopular BBC which adds to the gloom and makes out that the Tories have something to fear from Labour – as if Labour represent the working class anymore, as if Labour’s Jurassic ideas have any worth in 21st Century Britain. Fear not the BBC – it is fighting for its life and, after Savile, still fighting for its soul.

One of the most common – and justified – worries amongst Tories this week is the young.

How do we make housing affordable for the youngsters? Should we slash tuition fees? What can we do to stop the Marxist professors at the universities grooming our kids in their Maoist tents? How do we make them see through the Corbyn/McDonnell nonsense which those who were alive in Britain in the 1970’s – huddled around a candle during power cuts – have already had a taste of and lived through?

Housing has rightly been addressed as a key concern for the young at this conference and needs real focus from Conservatives. Other issues tend to be overstated… educators tend to be lefties, far too many people go to university these days and study pointless rubbish, young people often do see through the Corbyn/McDonnell nonsense and do comprehend the fatal flaws of socialist systems (35% did not vote Labour in June).

The young do what they think is cool. It’s all about being cool.

Just listen to Radio 1 at around 6pm on a weekday. Listen to how the news is dissected and how politics gets covered. On Tuesday there was a segment about how “young people worried it was not cool being Tory”. How can any Tory strategy compete with that kind of bias that BBC licence fee payers cough up for?

Well, actually, it can.

Because the continued escalation in Islamist terrorism over the next five years will spawn a multitude of natural conservatives.

Because however cool the young think Jeremy Corbyn is, they all of them agree that Daesh sucks and turfing gays off buildings is sick. That Muslim Brotherhood teaching on homosexuality is savage and barbaric. That young people being killed by Islamist terrorists, like beautiful students Laura and Mauranne stabbed to death on Sunday in Marseilles, is just not on. That extremist Islamism cannot be appeased, as Corbyn wants.

The Tories just don’t need the Islamist vote. Who does?


So, as well as ditching May and exploding the socialist tripe coming from Corbyn and McDonnell, all the Tories need to do to win over the more intelligent students is to expose Labour’s relationship with Islamic hardliners. To explain why block Muslim votes go to Labour and not the Tories. To expose Islamist Labour councillors in northern councils who are as bigoted and corrupt as can be.

Sure, the hard-line Corbynites will scream back with “racism” and “smear”. The message will not go down well in parts of London and Birmingham which are unwinnable anyway. But who cares?

There’s more to shine a spotlight on regards Corbyn’s relationship with Hamas. Do students really want to be classed as promoters of anti-Semitism, rubbing shoulders with these Islamist bigots at the heart of today’s Labour Party? Islamist bigots operating as Labour officers.

By exposing the facilitation of Sharia and antisemitism that Labour allows, by highlighting the close links between Labour politicians and the Islamist cause – with the likes of CAGE and CAABU –  the Tories can legitimately ask the question of those young who voted Labour in June, who are you? Do you really support that? Is that cool? Really? So, what’s your position on throwing gays off tall buildings? You deny the Holocaust, do you? What do you think of the owners of Iqra or Press TV? Are men and women equal?

There are ways and ways to deliver such mirrors for the young to gaze into.

Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral failure is an example of how not to proceed. A direct, targeted campaign is what is required. Introduce the young to the missions of their great grandfathers, who likely picked up a rifle for Britain at some point….defending what, exactly? Then show them the linkages – present day Labour links with Islamist crazies. Let them Google the evidence themselves.

Soon they will come to realise that Labour is not cool. It is sick. It’s too often racist and always covetous. Not cool at all.

65% of the young voted Labour at the last election. By turning a third of that number away from Corbyn, the Tories have their landslide. And a targeted message delivered at intelligent students giving them a chance to investigate for themselves will win them over; at least drag their vote away from a Labour Party which is desperately trying to parachute in candidates to fight Northern seats where Islamists, wearing Labour colours, run the councils.

Parents have a job to do here too. Theresa May was correct in her speech yesterday when she said, “Corbyn is a politician who let’s antisemitism, misogyny and hatred run free, while he doesn’t do a thing to stop it”. Parents should discuss antisemitism, the Black Red Alliance and CAGE with their kids. Read again to them the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

The Tories should ignite that debate which only Labour can lose. This time round just show the young where to look for themselves, rather than ramming Corbyn’s flaws down their throats through a media they do not trust.