Enough is Enough

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE ‘Enough is enough,’ is a phrase now increasingly heard on the lips of all good men and true. The follow-up phrase: ‘They really ought to do something,’ is overused and self-defeating. The problem here is the word ‘THEY,’ a much-abused pronoun of dubious provenance. When we expect ‘them’ to do something we abrogate responsibility. In the real world ‘they’ don’t exist. Suits … Continue reading Enough is Enough

Let’s Never Heil Humza

BY EFFIE DEANS Nicola Sturgeon once said that independence transcends everything else. This is the main problem with the SNP. It also explains what might appear to be otherwise unrelated issues. Humza Yousaf has explained that he wants to punish Scots for having insulting conversations at home. While we would retain the right to be offensive anyone stirring up hatred against various protected groups will … Continue reading Let’s Never Heil Humza

Long Live the Enlightenment

BY CRYPTO I’m not just anti-Islam, I’m anti all religions. I see them as propaganda engines that encourage the worst type of relativistic thinking – the same relativistic thinking that led to every dictatorship in human history. Exploiting people’s primal fears to control them is far from novel. The enlightenment freed us from that horror show and we’d be insane to let it slip away. … Continue reading Long Live the Enlightenment

Labour’s Youth Blind Spot

BY JOHN ISMAEL The navel-gazing at the Tory Conference this week has been somewhat disheartening. Much of this stems, of course, from the result of the General Election in June and the woman responsible for that disaster still being at the helm of the party and Government. There has also been a sense of panic in some quarters about the worst opposition Britain has ever … Continue reading Labour’s Youth Blind Spot

Channel 4 Chan

BY SAM WHITE Having fought for years for gay and lesbian rights, having stood up in defiance of the religious right for the liberty to ridicule the church, having rejected thin-skinned theological calls for special treatment, having championed individual liberties and freedom of thought and expression, the progressive left has now decided to give all that up and convert to Islam. Allahu Akbar. Channel 4 … Continue reading Channel 4 Chan

Remove the Coins of Terror

CSM EDITORIAL The UK terror problem is merely part of a concerted, multi-faceted attempt by political islamists who want sharia law to govern the world. They have no excuses, whatever the likes of apologists – Corbyn, CAGE and Stop the War – say about the West creating problems abroad. The philosophy of these islamists is a lot like the fairground coin pusher arcade games: put … Continue reading Remove the Coins of Terror

Siamese Fighting Fish: A Most Vital Illustration

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Please, Dear Readers, take heed of these characteristics of the Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens): Originally, they herald from the East. They have been bred to fight for many centuries. They often display very belligerent behaviour towards any animals that they deem a threat. Their breeding habits are messy – they are prone to physical and mental defects having been selectively over-bred between … Continue reading Siamese Fighting Fish: A Most Vital Illustration

Blair’s Benign Outcome

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The most interesting line in Tony Blair’s Bloomberg speech last Friday was nothing to do with the bolted horse of Brexit. Nor his sly attempts to fuse his stalling concept of globalism with closer connectivity brought about by technology. Nor was it anything to do with the Labour Party he used to lead about whose current (lack of) management he was derisive. … Continue reading Blair’s Benign Outcome

We Are to Blame

BY ASGHAR KHAN A Cypriot friend tells me that a few years ago, in Karsiyaka, a small town in Northern Cyprus, a visiting Imam from Jordan was invited to Friday Prayers. This Imam addressed the men in the mosque (no women present, of course) and abused them for the way that their womenfolk dressed; how disgusting they were exposing their arms and ankles; how weak … Continue reading We Are to Blame

Bigot Assed Baig Still Works For C4

MOTHER Today, in an era of highly competitive news reporting, channels like Channel 4 are desperate to justify themselves and snatch the latest scoops. Since extremist Islamism and its tiresome wave of sick and nihilist violence inevitably tops most news gatherers’ topic lists, such channels have relaxed their recruitment criteria when hiring journalists who speak the relevant languages of Muslim communities. After all, it’s these reporters with their Urdu, … Continue reading Bigot Assed Baig Still Works For C4