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Having fought for years for gay and lesbian rights, having stood up in defiance of the religious right for the liberty to ridicule the church, having rejected thin-skinned theological calls for special treatment, having championed individual liberties and freedom of thought and expression, the progressive left has now decided to give all that up and convert to Islam. Allahu Akbar.

Channel 4 News operates an openly pro-left, painfully right-on bias at all times, confirmed when their senior Brussels obsessive Jon Snow was caught chanting “f**k the Tories” at Glastonbury.

But being a progressive champion now also means supporting radical Islam, so Channel 4 put out a video hosted by Assed Baig—known previously for expressing all manner of unpleasant bigotry—the purpose of which was to promote “Muslim women fighting back by rejecting stereotypes”.

Except that one of them, Nadia Chan, literally introduced herself as an Islamist. In fact, not just an Islamist, but an ‘anti-colonialist Islamist’. This is quite a feat when you consider that core to Islamism is a belief in khilafa: the establishment of Islamic states, leading to a global, pan-Islamic new caliphate. Which sounds more than a little colonialist. Also central to Islamism (or to put it another way, aggressively expansionist, overtly political Islam) are sharia and jihad.

A look at Chan’s Twitter history revealed that she wasn’t just putting it on for the cameras, but is a full-time racist and a dangerous extremist. For a taste of her insanity, have a look at these threads, here and here. These are some of the highlights:

“Listen honkie, your kind are murderous and genocidal maniacs. All whites are the police”

“Muslims clean themselves 5 times a day, unlike u dirty white cave parasites, muslims gave ya’ll soap remember”

“the parasitic entity known as Israel MUST cease to exist. Furthermore, every single Israeli is a parasite”

Regarding Katie Hopkins entering hospital: “May God put her to sleep, permanently”

She quoted Robert Mugabe: “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man”

She’s championed Palestinian use of “everyday items to resist, whether it’s knives, cars, just everyday items to strike the fear in hearts of their oppressors”

Bizarrely, she even supported the North Korean nuclear weapons programme, and called mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor an “arrogant, white Irish parasite” who “needs to be silenced and his career finished”.

So, thanks for clearing up those stereotypes then, Channel 4. There are close to 3 million Muslims in Britain, and you found a violence-promoting, radicalized lunatic, and interviewed her in a windowless boxing gym. I’m sure everyone’s really at ease with Islam now.

Then along came the story of a 5-year-old girl from a Christian family being put into the care of two different conservative Muslim foster households in the space of six months, by the authorities in Tower Hamlets.

Reports stated that one of her carers wore a burka, and another the full face veil. That the girl’s crucifix necklace was confiscated. That she was told “European women are stupid and alcoholic”, and that “Christmas and Easter are stupid”.

The girl herself was described by a social worker as being “very distressed”, and is reported to have sobbed and begged not to be returned to her foster carers, saying “they don’t speak English”.

In response to this, ideological tribalist Rupert Myers, a lawyer shackled to the doctrine of progressivism, and as a result damned to be buried in whatever illiberal intellectual pit his political bedfellows might excavate, tweeted the following:

So to be clear, in his claim that the foster carers represent ‘mainstream Islam’, Rupert’s defence involves the thoughtless drenching of all moderate (mainstream) Muslims with the regressive characteristics of, in fact, an ultra-conservative form of Islam. He creates a false association between moderate Muslims, and the extremism represented by the burka, insults directed at European women, and contempt for Christian customs. He’s also tying moderates up, whether they like it or not, with a terrible decision which made a young girl desperately unhappy.

Way to go, Rupert. You’re the valorous spokesman that ‘mainstream Islam’ has been waiting for.

When anti-Muslim bigots put the boot in, one of the things they do is create a false impression that the worst excesses of the most brutally hardline Islamic denominations are representative of all Muslims. Evidently, this is something which Rupert is also unwittingly adept at. His application for BNP membership is in the post.

This parallel between liberal progressives and racists—a shared tendency to treat minorities as homogeneous identity blocks—also manifests in the callous disregard progressives show toward the individuals harmed by their counter-intuitive posturing.

Rupert and his allies are oblivious to the blindingly obvious, which requires no analysis or intellectual wrangling for anyone who has a greater range of emotional understanding than Data from Star Trek: a child is being traumatised.

It’s mind-blowing sometimes how the progressive sect will make claims of moral superiority, and of being fundamentally more caring than their opponents, yet are at the same time perfectly willing to throw under the bus, for example, a vulnerable child. Are they doing this simply to avoid questioning the awful cultural relativism they self-defeatingly hold to be axiomatic? Is it for some utopian greater good, which lies just around the corner? Are they somehow not even aware of the discrepancy?

And it wouldn’t be the first time that children have been sacrificed at the altar of illogical leftism. How can I put this…


Grooming gangs have been allowed to operate, around Britain, because of a fear of speaking out, facing the facts, and investigating thoroughly, because to do so would contravene the scriptures hallowed by the church of political correctness.

And still it goes on. Sarah Champion was this month pressured to resign from the Labour shadow cabinet for telling the truth about grooming gangs, and Amina Lone was deselected by the Labour council in Manchester, allegedly for speaking out on the same topic. On the left, this stifling of realistic debate shows no sign of abating.

Finally, just to reinforce their commitment to misplaced outrage, and the protection of Islam above all other religions, some progressives decided to condemn a post-Barcelona illustration on the cover of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which depicted dead bodies run over by a van, and the words, “Islam, religion of eternal peace”.

Mass murder in the streets? Whatever. Part and parcel.

Forthright cartoon by a magazine which actually had 12 staff slaughtered in their Paris offices by slavering jihadists just two years ago?

Sorry, we can’t allow that.


Channel 4 has subsequently pulled the controversial segment from its website, without explanation or apology. Assed Baig no longer works for Channel 4, having intended to leave since before the broadcast went out.

The girl who was with the Muslim foster family has now been placed in her grandmother’s care. Judge Khatun Sapnara, herself a Muslim, ruled that the child’s needs “in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion” would be best met in this way.

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