Remove the Coins of Terror


The UK terror problem is merely part of a concerted, multi-faceted attempt by political islamists who want sharia law to govern the world. They have no excuses, whatever the likes of apologists – Corbyn, CAGE and Stop the War – say about the West creating problems abroad.

The philosophy of these islamists is a lot like the fairground coin pusher arcade games: put in two pence pieces repeatedly until eventually you win the prize. The political islamists believe that by eating away at the West’s resources and distracting them into battle – wasting billions on security and foreign wars – they are gradually weakening the infidels and eventually they can rise up (once their numbers are sufficient via reproduction and migration) and install sharia law. A search through the online chats and speeches of the likes of Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary prove this.

Bakri & Choudary exhort fellow islamists to destroy the enemy (us) from within and finish secularism. They urge Muslims not to work. Take benefits. Cheat the benefits system so it costs the enemy more, especially via expensive housing benefits and tax credits. Go to jail if necessary – that will cost the enemy hundreds of thousands more. Bring in relatives from Muslim lands and make them behave the same way. Be politically active so the security services and police waste resource tracking and investigating. Privately they have both encouraged islamists to launch terror attacks – each attack causes the enemy to distract resources and invest still more in counter terrorism and policing.

Meanwhile, more intelligent islamists urge the Government and benefactors – many of whose apparatchiks can’t get their heads around Islamist global ambitions and are naïve and supplicant – to spend even more millions on appeasement (in the form of Prevent campaigns, reforming Islam through pointless think tanks like Quilliam and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue replete with former extremist talking heads). Simultaneously, islamists find ways of getting on the public teat – they open schools, they take over councils, they plead for investment in their segregated communities (for “language schools” for the 6% who can’t even speak English) and open charities left, right and centre so that minimal tax receipts ever go back to the enemy.

29% of Muslim women between the ages of 16 and 24 are in employment, compared to approximately half the general population. 12.8 per cent of Muslims are unemployed, compared to 5.4 per cent of the general population. Few Muslims are dangerous islamists but, according to the UK police, some 23,000 are (that compares with a combined trained British Army of 112,000 personnel, made up of 82,000 regulars and 30,000 TA volunteers, by 2020). Muslim inmates now account for 14.4% of those behind bars, compared with 7.7 % in 2002.

So, take away the islamists’ benefits, close down their charities, install a hierarchy of responsibility for the Muslim faith (thus removing the extremist imams), create obligatory British imam qualifications, stop funding Prevent and the pointless jaw-jaw brigade of think-tankers and experts (who have built a fat, parasitical industry on the back of terrorism), install non-Muslim governors in Muslim schools, expose infiltration of British society by islamists (councils, quangos, the police, the CPS, the Labour Party, the London Mayoralty), close down TV stations like Press TV (Iran’s mouthpiece), Iqra and those other Islamist channels with bad and socially-divisive intentions and, finally, remove the 23,000 Islamist extremists in the UK from the lives of the rest of us (including most Muslims) who just want to get on, and in peace.

How the UK Government deals with the 23,000 is up to their military advisers. We are at war – the social advisers have failed us and should jog on. The days of waving pieces of paper in the air are well and truly over. This could be a mix of internment (in specialist centres based on solitary confinement) and shoot-to-kill. Failure by our leaders to deal with the issue will result in the public arming themselves and removing the threat themselves, less intelligently. Look at the French and the increasing arms caches of L’Armée secrète over there – France is where the UK will be by 2025 at the current rate of Islamist extremist growth.

We should simply stop wasting our money on these idiots and cowards. We play into their hands by arguing that avoiding dealing with the nub of the problem is playing into their hands. We should stop allowing these demented bigots to take our kids’ lives. We should make Britain the least attractive land on earth for islamists to consider as a potential victim of their barbaric, misogynistic sharia; thus setting the West an example to follow as they drive their own Islamist threats back into Muslim lands where they will fizzle out – as islamists take on islamists in a downward spiral of enforcing their different versions of sharia.

This is Britain.

Not Raqqa.

Now, whoever wins on Thursday (if it’s Theresa May, we have a chance) wake up and act fast. Deport or detain all known terror suspects without trial now – soon it will be for their own safety.

Or the pheasants of Britain will start rejoicing as shotgun owners across the land become otherwise engaged – a prospect all civilised and decent people should wish to avoid.